Name: SE(polar)Ch Ylajärvis BG Sandy

Gender: Female

Born: 21.09.2011

Breed: Siberian Husky

Pedigree: click here

Regnr: SE10988/2012

Sire: NO49085/10 Vargteam's Birk

Dam: S55229/08 Ylajärvis SM Greenhart

Breeder: Ylajärvis 

Weight: ca 19 kg

Position: Mainleader

Eyes: Eye-checked clear (2018)

Gonioscopy: Clear (2018)


Coat: Good

Paws: Very good

Eating habit: Eats well, but a bit slower than the others. Does not like too much water

Temper: Soft and kind, can be somewhat carefull

Noise:  Low, can sometimes howl for the boys during heat

Plus: Great leader, good metebolism, calms down quickly

Minus: Has some hunting instincts


Sandy came to us during the Winter of 2018 and set the standard for how we wanted the rest of the team. She has competed in many races and has Golden medals in all distances with her breeder Malin Sundin Grindal.


The oldest packmember and full of wisdom. A pretty lady who knows how she wants it. The others have great respect for her, even though she only will tell the others when it comes to her food.


It takes time before she will trust you in harness, but she is superb when she finally does trust you. She hunts for speed and runs effortlessly, good at encouraging her sideman. Works well no matter the weather or conditions, even in singel lead. Likes to chase little birds and insects on the trail, but usually she will only increase speed forwards.

Will cuddle with most people, is calm and easy going. Likes to lie in a hole in the garden to sunbathe, she enjoys cuddles on the sofa just as much. She is very motherly and adopts all pups that join our pack.


Spring 2019 we were lucky enough to have a litter with her and kept 2 out of the 3 puppies. Her daughter Jean is very promising and with Sandy as her mentor we might just get another great leader!


Races (with us):

NSHK Winter gathering 2018: 4 dog team 21 km x 2, 2/3

Vikerfjell 2018: 4 dog team 33 km, 1/1

Dryland race 2018 DTK/Mush : 2 dog team, kickbike (un-official, no time taking)

NSHK Winter gathering 2019: 5-dog team sled 2 x 10 km, 5/5

NSHK Autumn gathering 2019: 4-dog team 5,8 km, 2/2

New Years race HTK 2020: 6 dog team 17,5 km, 12/15

Hamar Dogmushingfestival 2020: 6 dog team 2 x 33 km, 6/7

NSHK Winter gathering 2020: 5 dog team 2 x 26 km, 3/6

Vikerfjell race 2020: 4 dog team 33 km, 2/4

Gausdal 5-mila 2020: 9 dog team 50 km, 16/16

Synnfjell rundt 2021: 8 dog team 50 km, 14/31