Name: Myra

Gender: Female

Born: 28.10.2017

Breed: Siberian Husky

Pedigree: click here

Regnr: NO59352/17

Sire: NO53306/11 Kjapp

Dam: NO49537/13 Skerri

Breeder: Ronny Lindkvist

Weight: ca 15 kg

Position: Mainleader

Eyes: Clear (2020)

Gonioscopy: Unaffected, laminae <25% / 25-50% (2020)

Coat: Dense, somewhat short

Paws: Very good

Eating habit: Good, eats more the more we train

Temper: Carefull and shy type, who loves cuddle and attention from the people she knows

Noise: Low, unless when she knows we are about to train 

Plus: Very willing to learn and good in lead, the most controllable lead dog we have

Minus: Uses a lot of time to get used to new things, afraid of slippery floors


About: She came to us as a puppy, we just knew we had to get her. A gentle little girl, who is not called little boss by mistake. She is a born leader and keeps improving, has run in lead from a very young age. She immediately responds to commands and is a great captain of the team, will cheer and encourage the other team mates during breaks. Such dogs are a rarity and we are excited about what the future may hold for this girl.

Myra is fast and loves speed. Works 110% all the way, no matter the weather and conditions. She as an extra gear uphill that can not be described, but must be witnessed. She never seems tired and is always up for more, she has a huge smile on her face when we return from our runs.


She likes to gather things and can steel from others too, but her position in the pack allows this without any trouble. Loves to spin around in the garden with everyone, she knows very well that she is both faster and smarter than most. The constable in the pack, who will tell the rest when something is about to happen.


She is taking a lot after Sandy and has learned many good things from her. Myra has developed a lot and we are excited about the years to come. She is teaching the next generation and if we are lucky they will become just as controllable.

Myra is such a good lead dog that we hope for some puppies with her this summer.



Dryland race 2018 DTK/Mush : 2 dog team, kickbike (un-official, no time taking)

NSHK Winter gathering 2019: 5-dog team sled 2 x 10 km, 5/5

NSHK Autumn gathering 2019: 4-dog team 5,8 km, 2/2

New Years race HTK 2020: 6 dog team 17,5 km, 12/15

Hamar Dogmushingfestival 2020: 6 dog team 2 x 33 km, 6/7

NSHK Winter gathering 2020: 5 dog team 2 x 26 km, 3/6

Vikerfjell race 2020: 4 dog team 33 km, 2/4

Drammen dryland race 2020: 4 dog team 4,5 km, 3/4

Kongsberg dryland race 2020: 4 dog team 6,3 km, 4/5

Gausdal 5-mila 2020: 9 dog team 50 km, 16/16

Synnfjell rundt 2021: 8 dog team 50 km, 14/31


Spesialutstillingen 2018: Puppyshow 1/2