Name: Winter Ronins Adventure Logan

Gender: Male (crypt)

Born: 107.04.2019

Breed: Siberian Husky

Regnr: NO42178/19

Sire: NO49259/10 Nay-La-Chee's Bark

Dam: SE10988/2012 Ylajärvis BG Sandy

Breeder: Own litter

Weight: ca 25 kg

Position: Team



Coat: Very good


Eating habit: Great, will eat anything

Temper: Easy going and kind, simple soul

Noise:  Little, complains when the others run loose without him

Plus: Calm and non conflict boy. Social and runs effortlessly

Minus: Crypt, late bloomer (?)



He is the one who sits and smells flowers, eats up his neighbours food in addition to his own and will clean lick the noses of all the humans he meets. Super social with people, children and adults. Trusts you fully when he jumps out of higher dog boxes, he will jump right into your arms. A little more independant than Jean when it comes to staying alone in the dog kennel.


Very humble when he meets new dogs, takes some time to feel safe. This has improved through the puppy-meetings we went to at Hønefoss brukshund-klubb.

Foodhog and will do any thing for a treat, very easy trained. Easy to make contact with amongst people, cars, etc.  The clown in the dog yard. Has a great trot with good movement, runs effortlessly. Has tried some runs in harness and will pass obstacles we meet without any hesitation.


Seems like there is a lot going on in his head at the moment, we will give him some more time to mature.



NSHK Autumn gathering 2019: Puppyshow, HP 1.BHK BIM