Name: Winter Ronins Adventure Jean

Gender: Female 

Born: 07.04.2019

Breed: Siberian Husky

Regnr: NO42180/19

Sire: NO49259/10 Nay-La-Chee's Bark

Dam: SE10988/2012 Ylajärvis BG Sandy

Breeder: Own litter

Weight: ca 17 kg

Position: Leader in training/point



Coat: Good

Paws: Seem good

Eating habit: Good, but a bit slow 

Temper: Very happy and cuddly, goes a long with everyone

Noise:  Little, but will let you know when she disagrees on something

Plus: Smart, fast and likes to be first. Very good language

Minus: Has to learn her limits, has used some time to gain proper weight




Easy running girl who loves to roam in the garden. Smart and well developed with a glimpse in her eyes, princess of the pack. She knows what she wants and will always find a solution to achieve this. No obstacle is an obstacle for this one!

Just as social with people as her brother Logan. A knotch more safe with unknown dogs, she will break the ice rather quickly with one of her play moves. She likes to lead the way and is the mastermind behind all the non-allowed stuff they do together. Likes to play with all of our pack members and can really live with any one in our kennel.

Jean loves cuddles and attention, will sit on your lap while she washes your ears and nose. Logan and she are notorious on this, be aware when visiting us! Loves to be inside and will lie completely still in the morning when it is time for breakfast outside, so that she won't get noticed. She will eventually come though.

Has run in full training this season towards our planned races and is our next promising lead dog. Eager and chases speed, became even better after the dryland races where she ran in lead with Myra. Reminds us much of her mother Sandy and we hope she will become just as good of a lead dog.

Skijoring no stress, runs just as good with a companion as without and has a lot of speed!

A lovely girl with a promising future.



Drammen dryland race 2020: 4 dog team 4,5 km, 3/4

Kongsberg dryland race 2020: 4 dog team 6,3 km, 4/5

Gausdal 5-mila 2020: 9 dog team 50 km, 16/16

Synnfjell rundt 2021: 8 dog team 50 km, 14/31


NSHK Autumn gathering 2019: Puppyshow, 3/3