Name: Vargteam's Brune Jenta

Gender: Female

Born: 10.08.2013

Breed: Siberian Husky

Pedigree: click here

Regnr: NO30307/18

Sire: NO49441/12 Vargen

Dam: NO49087/10 Vargteam's Embla

Breeder: Vargteam

Weight: ca 19 kg

Position: Point/team

Eyes: Eye-checked clear

Gonioscopy: Affected, detected slitghtly narrow angles

Brune came to us in april 2018 and is an easy going dog that goes along with most. Her name means brown girl and suits her well. She grew up in a larger kennel, is super social and wants to cuddle with everything and anyone. She is a talkative girl that talks with her whole body and is very outgoing.

She has been featured as the fastest in her litter and is still very fast. She has not run much in lead earlier, she seems to lose focus when passing other people and especially hikers with dogs. She is like glued to the right side on our training runs. Works hard and has nice and efficient movements. Likes speed and speed boosts. She will jump of joy when she gets her harness on. A happy go lucky dog! Eats well and better after she had a broken tooth removed, she had a bad habit to roll her bowl earlier when given too much water, but now she seems to accept more water. Drinks very well at training.

Loves to run and play in the garden, but also enjoys to come inside on the sofa. Will sleep in bed with you when she gets the chance. Very loveable and can be borrowed to anyone without any issue. Unaffected during heat.

She is from exciting working-lines that we wish to have with us in the future. We tried to get hold on these earlier without succes, and were thrilled when we got the chance to take over Brune. She is a lovely dog that we would like some more of in our team. Many of her relatives have been well tested in harness and her lines contain many good working dogs.


Fur: Ok, could have been better

Paws: Good

Food: Very good, foodhog!

Temperament: Super social and a happy, cuddly girl

Noisiness: Medium, barks when she is excited or about to train

Plus: Goes along with everyone, easy going

Minus: Would prefer to greet everyone we run into during training, she runs right twisted


Dryland race 2018 DTK/Mush : 2 dog team, kickbike, 7/7

NSHK Winter gathering 2019: 5-dog team sled 2 x 10 km


NSHK Specialty Show 2019: