We mainly breed to build up our own team, and focus on functional and healthy dogs. This means that we investigate relatives and the pedigree as good as possible coming to characteristics, health and temperament. The dogs should complete each other in a good way.

We prefer balanced dogs that work well in harness, who are easy going and relaxed when not at work. The dogs regularly come inside for some quality time and extra bonding, so we find it important that they cope with relaxing inside too. 


We have some different personalities at the kennel, but prefer the calmer and quiet ones due to our neighbours and desire to have a social easy going pack.


For now we don't have the capasity to keep entire litters , and most likely there will be some puppies for sale. It is important to us that they are sold to active homes and that the new owner is aware of what a husky requires. We would like to stay in touch to follow up the puppy and it's development.


We do not prefer any coat or eye color in our breeding, and we will not prefer buyers with certain colour wishes. The Siberian Husky is a lot more than a dog in a desired colour, as you soon will discover.


The Norwegian Siberian Husky Club has no breeding restrictions, but they recommend to eye-check dogs that are to be used in breeding. We want to follow this recommendation and will check the dogs we want to breed with.