Name: Siberian Sleddogs Oosik

Gender: Male 

Born: 09.05.2015

Breed: Siberian Husky

Regnr: NO39416/15

Sire: NO50443/11 Siberian Sleddogs Kasper

Dam: NO37910/12 Siberian Sleddogs Mira

Breeder: Siberian Sleddogs

Weight: ca 28 kg

Position: Lead/team/wheel



Oosik is a big and very strong male, that became mine after Cartman lost his companion. His name origins from the Native term for bacula, due to his coat beeing quite similar to the color of this bone.  Nicknames that describe him well are Ferdinand, Casanova, lady's favourite, tractor, muscle-man. He is the alpha of our pack and oozes authority.


Oosik is a born sled dog, he comes from a long distance kennel. You can skijor or bikejor with only him, no worries because he works for two. We have given up to walk nice on leash, because there is only one thing on his mind; to pull!

We trained in smaller and larger teams with Siberian Sleddogs in Atna, and winter 2017 we bought our first sled from Trailbreaker Sleds. The sled was used a lot together with my two-dog team that consisted of Cartman and Oosik. On gatherings we often got to borrow some extra dogs in our team.


Works extremely well no mather the condition, weather or position. Can easily work in singel-lead. A reliable dog that works hard all the way. He is a pacer and will switch over to galop later than the other dogs. According to our chiropractor this has not led to any injuries, but we keep a close eye on him. Eats very well, except for a few days during heat-season. Good fur.


Loves to cuddle with everyone and anyone, and is the digger of our kennel when he first sets to it. Likes to play with balls and enjoys to play fetch. Can be loaned to any team without problems, he is an easy going dog.


Dørstokkmila 2017: 6 dog team 12 km, 3/5

NSHK Winter gathering 2017: 6 dog team 21 km x 2, 9/15

NSHK Winter gathering 2018: 4 dog team 21 km x 2, 2/3

Vikerfjell 2018: 4 dog team 33 km, 1/1

Dryland race 2019 DTK/Mush : 2 dog team kickbike, 7/7