Om oss

Saskia van Es

She grew up with dogs and always liked the outdoors. It was a coincedence that she ended up with a Siberian Husky as her first dog, but she is very happy about it! Dogmushing and Siberians have become a great passion for Saskia.

She got her first Siberian from 7MHusky in 2011. The year after she got a puppy from kennel Huskyhaugen. One, two, many? The amount of dogs has varied, but there have always been trips and training. 

Autumn 2014 she visited Alaska with her mom. They visited and got to know Siberian Sleddogs, and they also visited Comeback kennel and kennel Anadyr. An inspiring trip!

Winter 2016 she was handler in Atna at Siberian Sleddogs. Here she learned a lot and got to know how things were at a larger kennel.

She has been lucky and often got to borrow dogs and equipment on gatherings and races, so that the foundation for her future kennel was based on these experiences.

Saskia was for several years responsible for the Economics in the Norwegian Siberian Husky Club and participates actively on their gatherings when she has the chance. She has arranged the race Dørstokkmila several times together with the local NSHK club Oslo and Akershus. She is also a board member in Drammen mushing club.


Photo: Cecilie Husebø-Isaksen