Drammen dryland race 2020: 4 dog team 4,5 km, 3/4 (day 2)

Gausdal 5-mila 2020: 9 dog team 50 km, 16/16

Synnfjell rundt 2021: 8 dog team 50 km, 14/31


NSHK Specialty Show 2019: Puppyshow, HP. 1.BHK BIM

Vålerbanen NEK 2019: Puppyshow, 1/1

NSHK Autumn gathering 2019: Matchshow


Puppy course - Lundqvist Hundeskole

Name: Nay-La-Chee's Solverv Hugin

Gender: Male

Born: 15.12.2018

Breed: Siberian Husky

Pedigree: trykk her

Regnr: NO32732/19

Sire: NO49259/10 Nay-La-Chee's Bark

Dam: LOSH1131536 Midnight Express On The Trail Narmenak

Breeder: Nay-La-Chee

Weight: ca 26 kg

Position: Point/team/wheel




Coat: Very good

Paws: Has had some issues this season, hopefully this will turn around

Eating habit: Totally awesome

Temper: Cuddly and social, loves to play and dig

Noise: Medium, talkative boy

Plus: Smart, easy learner, likes to be first. Loves water and brushing

Minus: A bit insecure on Bamse


Hugin came to us during the Winter of 2019 from Rikke Bergendahl, since we did not know for sure if Sandy would get any pups with Nay-La-Chee's Bark. The though one in his litter, the explorer who did not fear anything. He joined me at the office for a month before he moved outside with the others, and we also did a puppy-course with him.


He now is a handsome youngster who thrives just as good in his own company as with the pack. Independent and no such thing as abandon anxiety. Can easily stay at home while the others train without any hassle. He has his own opinions sometimes, but is attention seeking and has a lot of will to work.

Calm and easy going inside, a little more crazy during hook-up, jumps up and down. He expresses himself vocaly and likes to nibble. Loves to play catch with a ball/stick/frisbee.

Hugin is eager in harness, runs effortlessly in any weather and conditions. He dances his way through bad tracks and when there are no tracks. Focused and always moving forward, even when he has been tried in lead. Always ready for more. Needs less rest than the others, recovers rather quickly. A lovely built boy that we look forward to follow.


Hugin has a special place in Saskia's heart.