Dam: Maya

Sire: Absolutt Lurvelegg

Born: 02.09.2013

Puppies: 3 males/3 females

More about the litter:

This litter was not planned.

The birth went fine, but the young female soon got pyometra due to some placentals. She stopped producing milk and had to be sterilized. We had to bottle up the litter. I slept on a madres next to the puppy crate and either got waked up by the alarm og by hungry puppies. A demanding few weeks, because the recovery of the mother took some time. Some weeks after she started to produce milk again, a great relief for all of us.

The puppies explored our garden and the woods nearby, they were socialized well with other dogs, adults and children. They grew up running loose together with Labradors, Border Collies, German Shepherds and other dogs.


The puppies:

Cartman, male (lives with us)

Nanok, piebald male (lives on Mongstad)

Jackson, dark male (lives in Sandefjord)

Mikaela, female (lives in Kongsvinger)

Sunshine, greyish female (lives at Meland)

Leia, light female (lives at Meland, together with her father Nero)




Absolutt Lurvelegg "Nero"