Name: Gråbeintunets Judy

Gender: Female

Born: 29.01.2019

Breed: Siberian Husky

Pedigree: Trykk her

Regnr: NO33445/19

Sire: NO51655/15 Ghost

Dam: NO55071/10 Welma

Breeder: Gråbeintunet

Weight: ca 16 kg

Position: Leader in training/point



Coat: Ok, typicall youngster fur

Paws: Good

Eating habit: Great, must be kept under supervision - she will steal food in the blink of an eye!

Temper: Kind and gentle, happy girl

Noise: Medium, has some alert barks

Plus: Social girl who chases speed, focused worker

Minus: Finds it scary alone in the dog trailer, but will probably get used to it


Judy came to us at the beginning of Spring 2020. She comes from Trond Hansen who performs at high levels in mid and long distance. Her parents have for example both finished the Femund and Finnmarks race, so we look forward to see what she can contribute with in our team.

Goes along with everyone, but can be somewhat violent in play and the older dogs are not afraid of telling her. She is the little crazy sister who likes to be involved in everything that happens. Has become a happy girl who will jump on you in full speed for some cuddles.

Focused in harness and loves speed. Has been tried some in lead and seems like she has inherited some skills from her ancestors. We look forward to her development in the future.