Name: Cartman

Gender: Male (neutered)

Born: 02.09.2013

Breed: Siberian Husky

Pedigree: click here

Regnr: NO53744/13

Sire: NO54967/11 Absolutt Lurvelegg

Dam: NO47283/12 Maya

Breeder: Own litter

Weight: ca 28 kg

Position: Team/wheel



Coat: Good

Paws: Good

Eating habit: Eats very well, easily gets a little too chubby

Temper: Calm and kind, but true to his name. Somewhat insecure on leash, will look after his owner.

Noise: Little, except during hook-ups 

Plus: Always a hard worker and is a kind uncle for the pups

Minus: Must be followed up by a chiropractor beacuse of an old injury. He is a climber!

In general: A stayer that works steadily, is from our first litter and has been with Saskia since his birth. Nice size, good fur and good paws. Does know commands, but does not like to run in lead. Has been somewhat insecure when passing other teams, but has improved himself here.


You will have to earn his trust and he does not want to cuddle with everyone. When he is in a cuddle mood, he demands a lot. Loves to jump up when greeting and bumps peoples noses.


A lot of personality, but anonymous and hard to notice in the dogyard. Likes to fool around, sniff for some goodies in the trash and to shred toilet paper in our bed. Very patient and good with puppies.

He has been through a lot with Saskia and they have a strong connection. They can communicate without words and he does everything for her.



NSHK Autumn gathering 2014: 4 dog team 4,8 km, 3/4

NSHK Autumn gathering 2016: 2 dog team 4,8 km, 5/9

Dørstokkmila 2017: 6 dog team 12 km, 3/5

NSHK Winter gathering 2017: 6 dog team 21 km x 2, 9/15

NSHK Winter gathering 2018: 4 dog team 21 km x 2, 2/3

Vikerfjell 2018: 4 dog team 33 km, 1/1

NSHK Winter gathering 2019: 5-dog team sled 2 x 10 km, 5/5

NSHK Autumn gathering 2019: 4-dog team 5,8 km, 2/2

New Years race HTK 2020: 6 dog team 17,5 km, 12/15

Hamar Dogmushingfestival 2020: 6 dog team 2 x 33 km, 6/7

NSHK Winter gathering 2020: 5 dog team 2 x 26 km, 3/6

Vikerfjell race 2020: 4 dog team 33 km, 2/4

Gausdal 5-mila 2020: 9 dog team 50 km, 16/16

Synnfjell rundt 2021: 8 dog team 50 km, 14/31


Knarvik 2014, puppyshow, BOS

NSHK Specialty show 2014: puppyshow