Name: Bamse

Gender: Male 

Born: 06.07.2017

Breed: Alaskan Malamute x Alaska Husky

Sire: Najanin's Ruff N Tuff Qilaq

Dam: Vicky

Breeder: Trolltåken

Weight: ca 33 kg

Position: Team/wheel


Coat: Very good

Paws: Good

Eating habit: Very good, will do the dishes too

Temper: Social and cuddly, likes to test his boundaries

Noise:  Loud, very talkative

Plus: Great working capacity, very strong and everybody's friend

Minus: Likes to greet everyone we meet during our runs, but he is improving. Stressed out when the girls are in heat.


About: Bamse is our team mascot with a big personality, and loves to join our trips and training runs. He has huge paws and the strength of a bear. That is why we chose to keep the breeders name for him, which means teddy bear. 


He loves food and will learn most dogs to finish their food. Big and strong in the team, but will sometimes wonder off in his thoughts and likes to enjoy the scenery when we train. A great dog to bring along on hiking, walks better on leash than most of our other dogs. Very vocal and loves to nibble on you when he gets cuddles.

Is a great uncle for puppies. Loves to play and be bothered by puppies, because then he has a reason to bark at them. The policeman in our pack. Joins almost all our training runs, mostly in wheel. Keeps up quite good, besides on our more speedy runs of course.


Gausdal 5-mila 2020: 9-dog team open class 50 km, 16/16