Adventure litter - 2019

SE(POLAR) CH Ylajärvis BG Sandy x Nay-La-Chee's Bark

Theme: X-men

Born: 07.04.2019

Puppies: 3 females / 1 male

More about the litter:

A great thank you to both kennel Ylajärvis and kennel Nay-La-Chee who gave us the possibility to start with our own breeding.

This is our first planned litter. We wanted some offspring from our mainleader Sandy, who has many of the qualities that we would like to have further with us. We chose to use Bark, who is quite similar type-wise. We hoped for some new lead dogs.

It was a somewhat challenging birth, with one stillborn female, the smallest female needed some help to start drinking and the male needed to come out with a c-section. Sandy was a good mom and took responsibility from the first puppy, she recovered incredibly quickly.

They grew up inside until they were 9 weeks old, comfortable with both adults and children, used to car driving and many different noises.They seemed nice and social little explorers.

We have a great home for the female who is moving, Piperbakken Siberian Husky. 


The puppies:

Winter Ronins Adventure Logan, agouti (stays here)

























Winter Ronins Adventure Jean, black/white (stays here)























Winter Ronins Adventure Moira, agouti (moves to Piperbakken)


SE(POLAR) CH Ylajärvis BG Sandy


Nay-La-Chee's Bark